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The individual to be recognized must have been an outstanding athletic performer, outstanding coach, or friend whose identification with the Athletic Department has been unique and exemplifies the ideals and standards of Greenville College.

Selection Guidelines

  1. Maximum number of inductees is six (6).
  2. A two-thirds vote is required by the Selection Committee to be inducted.
  3. In voting for the categories of Athlete and Coach, voters will base their votes on the accomplishment of the nominees while at Greenville College, the nominee's outside involvement, and personal characteristics. Selection Committee deliberations, decisions, and dialogue are to be held in the highest confidence.
  4. Information considered is that which is sent into the Hall of Fame Selection Committee by the nominator. This information will be presented to the Selection Committee on standardized forms (intent is not to give an edge to an individual nominee on the merit of the nominator's documents).
  5. Consideration of other information by the Selection Committee will come to the members at the time of their deliberation.

Selection Mechanics

  1. Candidates for Hall of Fame selection may be nominated by Greenville College staff, interested alumni, and friends.
  2. Final selections will be made by the Hall of Fame Selection Committee. This Committee is appointed by the Athletic Director. It is encouraged that the Committee consists of Athletic Alumni from the periods: Pre-1960, 1960-1969, 1970-1979, 1980-1989, and 1990-1999 and the Athletic Director.
  3. Names of nomination are to be forwarded to the Hall of Fame Selection Committee c/o Athletic Director, Greenville College, Greenville, Illinois.
  4. Nominations are to be submitted by September 1 with supporting information.
  5. Induction ceremonies for Hall of Fame honorees will be held every two years at a Saturday evening Banquet.
  6. Candidates nominated for three consecutive years and not elected cannot be considered for a one-year period. New nomination forms and all supporting data must be resubmitted.