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How to Become a Panther

1. Get Started on Admissions process

A. Apply at

B. Request your transcripts & test scores be sent to Greenville College by your guidance counselor

C. Reference letters - 1 Academic (written by a teacher or principal), 1 Personal (written by a guidance counselor, coach, pastor, etc.)

 2. Visit Campus

Nothing will help you decide whether or not Greenville is for you like visiting campus. Please call and let us know a week or two before you come. Overnights are also available.

3. Complete your FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) 
*note: the sooner you do this the better because our institutional aid is limited

  • To complete the FAFSA most easily, go to
  • At the end of the FAFSA please enter Greenville 's school code so your information will be sent to our financial aid office. Our school code is 001684

*FAFSA help line 1-800-433-3243