Panther Cheer: Champions, Again!

Panther Cheer: Champions, Again!

Congratulations once again the Greenville University's Panther Cheerleading Program. On March 1, the team made their way halfway across the country to attend the CCA Christian Cheer Nationals & Collegiate Championship in Fayetteville, NC. Friday, the team got in a little bit of practice time at the Myrtle Beach All-stars facility before a bit of relaxation time on the beach. Later that evening the team may their way to the Crown Coliseum and Complex for a mat time under the big lights. Early Saturday morning the team performed their Round 1 routine.  It was a little shaky and nothing near what they were capable of, but they made their way through and had a good showing overall. The team got some food in their system and a bit of rest before heading back to the arena that evening. Determined not to lose their title the team put on a remarkable Round 2 performance in front of a full coliseum.  Moments later, Hoguey D. Panther performed his rendition of the Winter Olympics in the College Mascot Division performance.

Once all scores were tabulated, and looked over once more the awards ceremony began. The first award Panther Cheer received was completely out of the blue. Coach Sean Anthony Washington received a plaque recognizing him as one of the "Top Twenty-Five Christian Cheer Coaches in America." Next up, Hoguey was awarded his medal and trophy as the National Champion in the Mascot Division. Then the team topped their division with a first place finish in the Small Coed Division. Finally, the team was announced as the Grand Collegiate Champions in the overall College Division. That means they outscored all other college teams, regardless of division (all-girl, large coed, small coed, etc.) The team received individual medals, a banner noting them as the 2018 Collegiate Champion, a banner noting them as Grand Collegiate Championship, and Grand Champ rings!


It was a great trip and well worth the hard work that was put in this semester.

2065.2 miles driven,

12 team members,

7 states travelled to/through,

5 day extravaganza,

3 awards,

2nd year competing,

1 team,

1 bond, serving

1 God!


Way to go Panther Cheer! #attaway