Coach Jim's Great Opportunity

Coach Jim Brissenden meets with Daiwa executives in Florida.
Coach Jim Brissenden meets with Daiwa executives in Florida.

Have you ever had a great opportunity just land in your lap? One of our coaches, Jim Brissenden, had an experience similar to this just last week.

While on a trip to Destin, Florida, Jim got invited to a vendor's show. The first booth he sees as he walks in is the booth of our biggest sponsor, Daiwa. After talking with the guys at the booth, Jim was invited to stay at the booth and help them out. As he was there he got to meet so many great people from Daiwa and even see some of the new stuff they will be coming out with soon.

Here's what Jim had to say about his experience, "I had the privilege of representing Greenville College and Daiwa as I helped at the dealer's convention, similar to a mini Icast, in Destin, FL February 3, 2017."


"It was a pleasure to connect with Daiwa's Greg Johnson, their Eastern Regional sales manager. He exudes enthusiasm for Daiwa products and is extremely knowledgeable with a dynamic personality."


"It was an honor for me to be able to talk with others about all of Daiwa's superior products."


"Just a sneak peak at the new Tatula SVTW, the ultimate finesse casting system. I also got to handle the new pros-specific silver rods."


"As an added bonus, Greg Johnson and I were able to fish together on the Destin lakes in Florida."