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Alumni Update: How's Life? - Keely Scott

Alumni Update:  How's Life? - Keely Scott

Keely Scott

Class of 2009
Hometown: Normal, Illinois
Defensive Center Mid

What have you been up to?

After graduating from Greenville in 2009, I was eager to get out and explore so I joined Americorps and served two terms doing trail work in Montana. I was really interested in learning how to grow food, which led me to work on organic farms, and then to Orcas Island, located off the coast of Washington state, where I currently call home. I have always been passionate about health, and I was deeply influenced by my Dad who was interested in alternative health, so I decided to follow in his footsteps, and went back to school to become a licensed Massage Therapist. I met my husband, Matt, and his daughter Riley on the island. Matt and I have a son who is now two-and-a-half. These days, I'm Momming it up and further developing my business specializing in clinical bodywork. I love to fill my head with information about the body, anatomy, movement, and nutrition. I also enjoy gardening, hiking, playing music, and yoga. I recently had the opportunity to be an assistant Coach for the local Ladies' High School soccer team and hope to do more of that in the future!

Favorite GU and/or soccer memory

I can't recall a specific game or moment, but I do miss the feeling that I got from being out on the field with my teammates. I had the opportunity to be a captain during my junior and senior year, and the leadership experience was life changing. It was an excellent way to find my voice, and to gain confidence.  Also, my freshman year at Greenville was Coach Dub's first season as an assistant for the soccer program and his famous dance parties on the bus were pretty dang good (I hope that's still a thing).

Advice for current ladies in the program

Coach Brian "Mac" McMahon always reminded us that all the training and hard work and hills and sprints would prepare us for a lot of things in our lives and I think about that even now when I'm faced with challenges. I hope that you take these metaphors; of digging deep and doing more than you thought that you could do, and take those strengths into the world with you - now and later in life. We need more women in this world that are supportive, strong, and empowered!