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Alumni Update: How's Life? - Maureen Murphy Gibb-Clark

Alumni Update:  How's Life? - Maureen Murphy Gibb-Clark

Maureen Murphy Gibb-Clark

Class of 2014
Hometown: St. Charles, MO

What have you been up to?

Since graduating from Greenville, I have relocated several times to discover what I wanted to do for a long-term career. I had a great opportunity working in a therapy department in a hospital. From there, I decided I wanted to go to graduate school to become a Speech-Language Pathologist. I just recently acquired my full certification and now work in a nursing home as a Speech Therapist and the Director of Rehabilitation. I live with my husband, Andrew, who also went to Greenville. Believe me, GU, there is no "ring by spring". We live in Maryland Heights, Mo and continue to enjoy spending time with people from the soccer program.

Favorite GU and/or soccer memory

There are a lot of memories to choose from, both on and off the field. I continue to get notifications of my Facebook memories from all the shenanigans during my time at Greenville. While I can't define my favorite GU memory, there are a few that come to mind. Obviously, there are the bigger accomplishments as a team, such as beating Principia for the first time or going to the NCCAA tournament. However, the memories I cherish the most are the camaraderie and support I felt daily by my teammates. Those girls did not just become my friends; they became family.

Advice for current ladies in the program

While the "honeymoon" phase of every new season may pass, the girls you fight for on that pitch will be the ones that give you the support to stand on your own post-college. Continue to post fun stories and pictures on Facebook. Those Facebook memories will be little reminders of the amazing support system you gained throughout your time at Greenville.