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NCCAA Postseason Criteria

NCCAA Criteria for Post-Season Play
(as of June 1, 2020)

For any team to participate in an NCCAA Regional tournament, the following must occur:

1.  The NCAA does not allow our team sports to participate in two different post season tournaments (NCAA Bylaw  We will always choose to participate in the NCAA tournament and represent our conference as our first priority.  When we do this, we will not be able to participate in the NCCAA national tournament as a second option if we are defeated in the early rounds of the NCAA.

2.  Your team needs to have a .650 winning percentage (i.e. 13-6, 17-8, 21-11, etc.).  Football must be 8-2.

3.  You will need to make the conference tournament

4.  You need to win a first round game in the conference tournament unless you are the regular season conference champions.

5.  Display appropriate behavior on and off the field.

6.  Demonstrate a sincere commitment to their academic pursuits.

7.  There must be adequate budget available for the team to participate.  Teams must cover the cost of expenses incurred with regional and national competition.

8.  The Athletic Director and cabinet level administrator will determine if the team can participate in the NCCAA regional play.

9.  Programs will not accept "At Large" bids to the NCCAA National Championships.  Programs can participate in NCCAA National Championships as the Regional representative if there is not a Regional Tournament.

10.  All teams must participation in Division I

11.  Any team choosing to go participate in the regional or national tournament will sign a letter of intent stating they fully understand the criteria above.