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Florida angler T.J. Davis signs with GU fishing team

Florida angler T.J. Davis signs with GU fishing team

GREENVILLE, Ill. – As senior years come to an unusual close for many high school students, T.J. Davis of Q.I. Roberts High School is excited for the coming fall semester. Davis spent his Saturday afternoon in the company of friends, family, and high school staff, all excited to see what he is capable of at the collegiate level. He will be joining the Greenville University Bass Fishing Team as a freshman in the fall and is looking forward to the opportunity. Davis' many supporters are also excited at the opportunity that collegiate fishing offers him.

Davis has been a serious competitor throughout his high school career. Much of his tournament experience is in the competitive Florida Bass Nation High School Series, where he is able to compete against other high schools from all across the state of Florida. The state of Florida is home to some of the best bass fishing in the U.S., where catching a double digit bass is a very real possibility 12 months out of the year.

With such great fishing and many exceptional bodies of water available near his hometown of East Palatka, Fla., Davis will bring an abundance of experience to the team. Such knowledge will be a valuable addition to the team, especially whenever collegiate tournaments are held in the south.

The Greenville University Bass Fishing Team is looking forward to the diverse fishing skills that Davis will offer. He will represent the team's first member from Florida, which is home to many different fishing styles.

Additionally, the team is looking forward to helping Davis continue to strengthen his skillset by challenging him on some of the Midwestern lakes and rivers near campus. Be on the lookout for the fishing team to get off to a strong start during the fall tournament season!