Anthony Macon
Anthony Macon
Title: Head Bass Fishing Coach
Phone: 618.664.6605

Remembering since I was just a little boy, watching the professional bass fishermen of all times, and listening to the many stories of my grandfather. I have always dreamed of becoming a professional bass fisherman, and it’s the first thing I wake up to, and the last thing that is on my mind every night.  My name is Anthony Macon, and when it comes to having a passion, bass fishing hits the top, that is my everyday love of life, besides of thanking the lord every day for my strength, and thanking him for everyday he gives me.

 I can remember way back, fishing with grandpa and my father, learning about the types of fish, the types of baits, tackle, and then showing my passion to not only my children, but also creating the very first bass fishing team in our town of Greenville, Illinois.

I work at Greenville College, and this is the 3rd year I have had the pleasure to be the head bass coach of the college, but also our local high school.

Our community also has kids event held at Patriots Park and the event includes a yearly family fishing day, and it just makes me proud to see the children look up and ask me, “Mr. Macon can you show me how to fish, how do you tie on a bait, how can I catch the biggest fish I ever caught”.

It’s been an honor and I plan on continuing my passion to not only my family, local college and high school students but also our community to plant the seed of fishing to many others to come, for generations to pass on to their children.

Favorite places I have fished not only in my local town, Greenville IL, but also Carlyle, Kentucky, Mississippi River from northern Wisconsin but also along the Mississippi River.

Now don’t get me wrong, even though bass fishing is my favorite, I also love to fish for Catfish, Crappie, and blue gill fishing, learning the different types of fishing and also the different baits are an adventure itself.

  • goal is to be in top 5 in the Nations 2017
  • have 15 new  recruits by 2017
  • by the spring o f 2017 have 4 bass boats competing
  • use donated funds to create scholarships
  • national recognition